Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Every Mother's Dream Songs featured on Website!

I couldn't possibly be more excited to announce that the music on my website has been provided by former clients, Jay and Mandy Kaiser and their incredible Asheville-based band "Every Mothers Dream". The three tracks featured on Whitmeyer Photography's website are off their 2005 release, "big blend" and are titled 1. Worth Waiting For, 2. Into the Sun, and 3. Beamer in the Mountain. 

Jay and Mandy provide guitar and vocals for Every Mother's Dream, a band that prides themselves on not being pigeon-holed into a specific genre of music. Thus, their aptly titled album "big blend" is truly a blend of all different styles of music with one thing in common--awesomeness!! 

You can purchase their album online at  It can also be found at Karma Sonics in downtown Asheville. 

Every Mother's Dream's next gig is FREE  (so there are no excuses)! Go check them out! They will be at the French Broad Brewery in Asheville on March 21st at 5:30pm.