Friday, October 23, 2009

Blackmon-Friedman Wedding-Lauren and Traci

Traci Here! My fellow associate Lauren and I had the amazing privilege of shooting the Biltmore Estate's first ever gay commitment ceremony this past Saturday, Oct. 17th. Wow! What a fantastic celebration of love and joy! Bob and Randy are both incredibly sweet guys were are clearly very much in love, and are surrounded by wonderful and supportive friends and family. They were a blast to hang out with all day, especially exploring the gorgeous grounds of the Biltmore Estate! The beautiful fall colors were at their peak last weekend and it was almost unreal how perfect everything was! Bobby and Mark from Bobbymark designs coordinated the event seamlessly! Congratulations and Mazeltov to Bob and Randy, and thank you SO MUCH for letting us share in your wedding day. Below are some photographic highlights by both myself and Lauren from Bob and Randy's celebration. The Asheville Citizens times is also going to write a story about Bob and Randy's momentous day, so look out for it! 

Matching Armani shirts hand in the window of the guys' hotel room at the Biltmore Inn (below)

Randy and Bob's sweet dog, Flo, a schnoodle, dances for a treat before the ceremony (below).

Bridal Schmridal! (below)

The Wedding circle and family dance into the Lioncrest to the theme song of "The Love Boat" amid streamers and high fives! Quite a processional!! (below)

Randy and Bob dancing down the aisle to Culture Club's "I'll Tumble For Ya" (Below and Above)

Randy tears up as he listens to Bob's sweet and candid vows.

Randy gives the crowd a mischievous look just before taking a second extra-long sip of wine during the ceremony! (below).

We had fun running around the Biltmore Estate for portraits, but it was C-C-COLD!! 
Isn't it great when the person you love makes you laugh like this!? (below)

Randy and Bob share their first dance to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" (above and below)

Two chocolate groom cake toppers made by the Chocolate Fetish here in Asheville! (below)
One of the couple's friends and a member of their wedding circle gives a tearful toast (below). Ten people stood up to toast Randy and Bob, which is a testament to how loved (and how amazing) they are! 
The Hura! (below) Bob and Randy are hoisted into the air during the traditional Jewish wedding chair dance! 
The guys share a dance with their mothers (below)

Fun with drag shutter and multiples strobes on the dance floor!! (below)
The partying went on all night, with an private after-party at Scandals bar downtown. Once again, thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your celebration!! You guys are awesome! 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kilcullen-Harris Wedding

This past Saturday, Oct. 17, I had the honor to spend the day with Corey Kilcullen and Kris Harris at The Farm in Candler, NC. It was a beautiful, cold, fall day up here in the mountains and a perfect day to tie the knot!  Corey and Kris are very much in love and I could definitely tell that they were also each other's best friend! They definitely know how to have a good time together! As self-confessed worshipers of the simpler things in life, Corey and Kris lived every moment of their wedding day with an enthusiasm that was contagious! I had such a great time working with this couple! Corey told me before the wedding that she and Kris "started out our relationship laughing and hope to do that for years to come!" I think Saturday was a good start for that! 

The day started in the afternoon when Corey and her girls were getting ready at the cabins on the Farm (below). 

Corey made an gorgeous bride!
Corey's sister, Lindsay, applies her make up (below). 

Flower girls, Ruth Anne and Leah Ervin get ready with a little help from the bridesmaids (above)

Our proud mother of the bride, Dolly, (above and below) couldn't stop beaming at Corey! 

Lindsay gives her sister a hug (above). 

A pre-wedding toast by the fireplace (below). 

Parents of the bride, Dolly and John Holder are beaming with pride on Corey's wedding day!! (below)
Corey's father and cousin practice for their solo before the ceremony (below). 
One last photo as a bachelor (below). 

Corey and Kris had some really heartfelt vows. 

A sand unity ceremony (below).

Introducing... Mr. and Mrs. Harris!

Corey and Kris share a kiss while the horses come over and visit with the wedding party in the background (below). 

I had some competition on Saturday! Check out this young photographer-in-training braving the cold out there with us! (below). 

The horse REALLY wanted to eat Corey's bouquet! (below)
This wedding party wore disguises for their entrance (below). Definitely one of the best entrances to a reception that I've ever seen!! 

Corey and Kris make their entrancee!  (below)

And go into their first dance...

The food here provided by Main Street Catering, was really good! 

Corey dances with her dad (below)
Magical Music DJs kept the party going! 

The father of the Groom, Frank, rocks out! (below). 

" A kiss for luck and we're on our way".....

Corey and Kris are honeymooning in Wine Country! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your day! Another big thanks to my assistant, G, who is just the BEST!