Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cynthia's Baby Bump

My friend, Cynthia, and I went downtown and took some pictures of the little "peanut" (it's a boy!) growing inside her. Cynthia has been a good friend of mine for a long time from our hometown of Raleigh, NC. She's been recently doing work for Whitmeyer Photography a couple days a week (and doing a fabulous job!) 

In April of this year, I photographed Cynthia's marriage to her husband, Nate Kelly, at the downtown courthouse in Asheville, NC

Here are some highlights from our shoot: 

A butterfly flys by while we're shooting!! (above)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bob and Claire at Lake Lure Inn

What a fabulous day!! I can't say enough about how much fun I had with Claire and Bob this past Saturday, June 12, at the Lake Lure Inn. It was incredibly hot outside (around 95 degrees and humid), but the day went off without a hitch and every little detail was absolute perfection! 

Claire and Bob met working backstage during North Carolina Theatre's production of Mame. Bob was props master and Claire was working as a dresser. They worked on several productions together and got closer and closer until they finally started dating. 

The story of their proposal is adorable! They took a trip to Toronto to visit friends and while their friends were at work, Bob pulled a box of puzzle pieces out of his suitcase. As Claire put the puzzle together, it became her favorite picture of the two of them together, but with a few pieces missing. He handed Claire the missing pieces which had "Will you marry me?" written on them and pulled out the ring! 

Claire and Bob have been traveling all over the country together working on a broadway show and during their travels, they have been working on all the wedding details on the road. Claire made everything from her veil, all the floral arrangements and even the bridesmaids dresses!! All the details really came together on Saturday and made for a beautiful wedding day. Here are some of my favorite images from the day: 

When I arrived at the Lake Lure Inn on Saturday, Claire was finishing up some mending on her dress (above). 

Claire's bridesmaids were using binoculars to watch the ceremony site set up and guests coming in (below). 

Claire gave her bridesmaids necklaces as their gifts (below).

I loved Claire's pink shoes!! 

And the bridesmaids had green shoes!! 

Since Claire made all her bridesmaid's dresses, she also sewed in their initials so she knew whose dress was whose (below). 

I was really impressed with Claire's talent!! 

Each Groomsmen was given customized cufflinks (below)!! 

Bob puts on his homemade boutonniere! 

Bob and his "pocket stashe" !! (below)

We rode the trolly to the ceremony. 

Bob's face when he first sees his bride, Claire (below).

The setting here at Lake Lure was gorgeous!! 

Claire and Bob performed a flower ceremony. Part of the ceremony stated that Bob should give Claire a flower every year for their anniversary. I like this rule!!! 

Mr. and Mrs. Uzabel!! 

Did I mention it was hot on Saturday!!! Below, Bob wipes off sweat while his guests congratulate him during their receiving line. 

The beautiful bride, Claire! 

While taking the above photos, I looked behind me and saw Bob making this expression (below) and wiping more sweat from his face!! 

Even the Trolly had a mustashe!! (below)

Claire had made a more casual veil for the reception. Yes, she made this too. So talented!! 

We took some polaroids and I gave these photos to Claire and Bob as their very first wedding photos! Polaroids are so much fun! 

Loved the pink socks!

The reception set up was fantastic! Again, every detail was made with love! 

The Cake Toppers (below) sat atop Claire's grandparents cake at their wedding many years ago. 

Bob gives Claire a sweet look during toasts (above).

A Customized Bob and Claire fan!!! Fabulous!! (above)

The first dance

During their first dance, I noticed Claire's father hunched down (below) getting that perfect shot!! I love the dedication to good photos!!! 

This baby has great taste in jewelry!! (below)

The Inn at Dusk 

Bob and Claire get a sparkler send off!! 

Bob and Claire, thanks so much for including me in your very special day! I hope you cherish these memories forever! 

Another thanks to my fabulous assistant, G (below) who was a trooper out there in the sun and got some great photos to boot! Thanks, G!