Friday, October 9, 2009

Axe-Petrozello Wedding

Last Saturday, Oct. 3, was a gorgeous day to spend with Leslie Axe and Ben Petrozello up in Blowing Rock, NC. It was the first dry Saturday in a while and we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather, venturing outside for lots of photo-ops. Leslie and Ben (and their friends/family) came from far and wide to join them in Blowing Rock for a beautiful wedding day! Leslie and Ben live and work in Raleigh, NC where they first met as neighbors living at the same apartment complex. Ben proposed to Leslie while on vacation in Blowing Rock, so it seemed only right that they decided to tie the knot there! Below are some highlights from the day!
The day started out at the Chetola Resort where Leslie got ready for the big day.

Leslie holds on to her rosary (above) and other special "borrowed" things (below)
Leslie puts the rings into her purse for safe-keeping (below)
Leslie's sister-in-law made the gorgeous programs  for the wedding (below). 
Leslie, maid of honor Tara, and father of the bride Mark, all share a pre-wedding prayer with the pastor of Church of the Epiphany in Blowing Rock. 
Ben stands at the alter waiting for his bride to arrive (below)
Appropriately, the first song during the ceremony was called "Sing to the Mountains" (Below)

After the ceremony, we headed over to the official "Blowing Rock" for some photos (below). Leslie was such a trooper, taking her shoes off and climbing this giant rock in a wedding dress and bare feet (below). Not to mention the fact that her veil was getting taken away by the wind in every direction possible!! I think the photos were definitely worth it!!  

The light coming in from the trees here was fantastic (below)
Leslie and Ben, accompanied by Tara (maid of honor) and Ryan (best man) , arrive to the Chetola resort on carraige. The group travelled down main street in Blowing Rock (during a downtown art festival no less) on the way here and got plenty of "shout outs" (below)

To me, these photos say that it's officially Fall now! The leaves were beginning to change colors and were even more vibrant up in Blowing Rock than they were in Asheville. On my way up the mountain, I kept noticing more and more beautiful colors! 

Guests head down to the reception at the Chetola Resort (below) 

"The best thing about having a small wedding is a group photo" -Leslie Axe 

Leslie and Ben share their first dance to music provided by Ben's guitar teacher (who also made the journey all the way from Raleigh to attend Leslie and Ben's wedding). 

Another sign that Fall is here: Guests enjoying the heaters during outdoor receptions! (below)

A Special Thanks to my assistant, Giedre! I took this photo of her during our shoot at the Blowing Rock! (below) G, you are the best! 


RC Patton - said...

Great pictures as always. I know the bride and groom will be delighted.
RC Patton - Wedding Video in NC

Anonymous said...

It's not a rosemary... its a rosary and the programs weren't made by her friend. The invitation was. The programs were made by her sister in-law.

Leslie said...

We absolutely love these pictures. They are fabulous. We can't wait to see the rest of them. You captured so many wonderful moments from the day. We are so thrilled and have heard so many wonderful comments about the pictures. Thank you so much for putting such thought into every snapshot.

Leslie and Ben

mhusnay said...

Wow! These are the most beautiful and artistic wedding photos we've ever seen! They should be in a magazine! Can't wait to see all of them! Sarah did an amazing job of capturing the gorgeous scenery of Blowing Rock as well as the spirit and emotion of the bride and groom. We wish we had pictures like these when we got married!

Marna & Dana (Delaware)

Whitmeyer Photography said...

I've corrected the typos. My apologies. Glad you guys are enjoying the photos!

Sandy Wierwille said...

Great Pictures You made their wedding day memorable with these beautiful photos.