Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strickhouser-Reese Wedding (Lauren)

Oh Hannah and Dan. Where should I begin with this amazing couple? I met Hannah in March for a bridal portrait session and couldn't wait to shoot her wedding to Dan at the stunning Claxton Farm in Weaverville, NC. 

In the short time I've known these two, I can tell that they are absolutely made for each other. They tied the knot May 15th, a day that got off to a rainy start, but the clouds cleared and the downpour stopped just in time for Hannah to walk down the aisle. 

It's obvious that these two are crazy in love, and I ended up a little weepy myself during some heartfelt toasts to the newlyweds. 

Hannah and Dan, thank you for including me in your beautiful day. I know you have many happy years ahead of you! 


Dan left a surprise for Hannah: Diamond earrings and a card. The envelope read "The Love of my Life"

Dan's best man takes his time fishing around for the rings in his jacket pocket (below).

Hannah gets a big hug from her mother moments after saying "i do." (below)

Dan sings to his bride during their first dance (below).

Love the lovebird cake-toppers!

During the reception and after the sun went down, the newlyweds stood in the field where they said their vows earlier in the day, dancing together in the dark (below).

Congratulations, Dan and Hannah!

Another thanks to my assistant, Giedre, who was a fabulous addition to the day!


dotgirllb said...

Lauren, These pictures are outstanding! I've forwarded the link to several friends and some commented that they are the most beautiful wedding photos they've ever seen! Unfortunately, we're all out in California, otherwise you would have several appts. for future events here! Loved Dan & Hannah's event so much, so unique, so much fun!

Lauren Carroll said...

Gee, thanks, dotgirllb! And hey, I've never been to California, shooting a wedding would sure be a great excuse to visit! ;)