Monday, July 20, 2009

Holebrooks-Amos Wedding

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Asheville, NC and I was privileged to spent it with Justin and Misty Holebrooks and their family and friends. It was definitely a tarheel blue weekend for these UNC graduates, both of whom received both graduate and undergraduate degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill (my alma mater also, I might add!).  Chapel Hill has been a big part of Misty and Justin's relationship, so it seems appropriate that it played a big role in the wedding weekend as well. Justin and Misty's first date included a walk through campus. He re-created this first date the night that he proposed to Misty on the Davie Poplar Bench. There is a legend about the Davie Poplar Bench that states that you shouldn't sit on it with anyone unless you want to spend the rest of your life with that person! This rang true for Misty and Justin! This true blue couple is currently honeymooning in Hawaii! Thanks for letting me spend your wedding weekend with you guys! Below are a few highlights from this weekend. Prior to shooting the wedding this weekend, I photographed Misty and Justin's engagement portraits in Chapel Hill and Misty's bridal portraits here in Asheville. A special thanks to Geidre for helping out on Saturday! 

The weekend started with the Bridesmaids Luncheon on the Sunset Terrace at the Grove Park Inn. What a great way to start a fabulous weekend--the view on the terrace here is gorgeous and everyone had a great time. 
Misty showed her guests with gifts! (below)

After lunch, Misty and her bridesmaids headed over to Suraj Spa and Salon for some pampering!

The Sangria was a hit! (below)

After the pampering, all the crew gathered at Acton United Methodist Church for a run through of the ceremony (below)

The rehearsal dinner followed at the Grand Bohemian Hotel's Kessler Ballroom. What a beautiful venue! (below)
The groom's cake (below)
Entertainment was provided by Cynthia Moore Brown, a longtime friend of Justin and his family (below)

Justin and Misty were roasted properly!  (yes I meant to say roasted, this is not a typo!)

At the end of the evening, Justin gives his sincere thanks to his friends and family for joining him for this special weekend. Then, he invites them all to the after party in his hotel room!! (below)
Everyone remained in excellent spirits on Saturday and Justin started off the day with lunch and some card playing with his groomsmen (below)

After the cards, the group decides they should go ahead and get ready for the big event (below) 

The two fathers  (Father of the Bride (left), Don, and Father of the Groom (right), Danny) help each other get ready (below).
It takes a lot more help to get the bride ready! Misty's bridesmaids help her put on her dress (below)

Mother of the Bride, Kay, watches with pride as Misty gets ready! (below)

Misty's shoes are not only her something blue, but also fit nicely with the Carolina blue theme of her and Justin's wedding (below)

The final touches! (I promise, that's not going into her just looks that way)
"Ready, Set, Get Married!" (below)

Justin waits at the front of the church for his bride (below)

Justin sees Misty for the first time today (below)

Justin gives Misty a kiss before helping her into the car. Also note that Misty is carrying a notebook, filled with wedding planning information and phone numbers! Misty did a fabulous job planning this weekend! (below)
On Patton Ave, on our way to the Crest Center for the reception (below)
Don't worry, we were at a stop light! I wasn't photographing and driving at the same time!

Misty and Justin stop for a drink and a few photo ops before entering their reception. 

Check out that fabulous light coming in through the clouds (below).

Misty and Justin enter the reception at the Crest Center (below)

And have their first dance as husband and wife! 

Misty and her Dad (below)

All the reception decorations were appropriately Carolina blue. The cake topper (above) was even shaped after the Old Well
More importantly, check out all those UNC alumni (below) that made their way to Asheville to celebrate Misty and Justin's union! 
Misty and Justin had a fabulous idea for favors: They gave their guests cards with four tokens that they could place in the jar of their charity of choice. Each token represented an amount of money that Misty and Justin and their families would donate to the charity in their guest's honor. (below)

More toasts for the happy couple!

Justin's Father, Danny, speaks with guests (below)

Misty and Justin cut their cake (above). Justin decided to get a little messy while feeding Misty her cake (below). 
Misty with her Phi Mu sorority sisters (below)

Love was all around!

The dancing got really fun by the end of the night! Bethany, from All the Right Grooves served as DJ for the night and did a FANTASTIC job (as always!). 

Misty and Justin make their exit with Carolina blue pom poms sending them off! (above)

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Becky Amos said...

Misty and Justin,
What a beautiful wedding you had. I wish that I could have been there. Our very best wishes to both of you for a lifetime of happiness. I know you are enjoying Hawaii! BE SAFE! Love to you both,

Uncle George and Aunt Becky