Thursday, July 16, 2009

Traci's been busy with engagements!

Associate Photographer, Traci White (Staff Photographer for the Danville Register and Bee), has been busy shooting some fabulous engagement photos. Let's start with her shoot with Sarah and Jake.  Traci met Sarah and Jake in Hendersonville last week to shoot their engagement photos. Traci will be photographing their wedding on  Sept. 26 in Hendersonville. You can view Traci's wedding portfolio on Whitmeyer Photography's website, just click on the gallery link to Traci White. 

Here's what Traci had to say about the day: "It was a lovely day in Hendersonville, they picked a beautiful spot with lots of props around the play with for the photos and they were very willing to indulge and even suggest some of the sillier ideas, like the canoeing photo and the life jackets. The light was golden and they were just a fun, goofy couple to work with. I'm looking so forward to shooting their wedding :)" 

Traci also photographed her friends, Amanda and David's engagement photos recently. Here are some of those highlights below: 

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