Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trigg-Clark Wedding

This past Saturday (Sept. 19th), I had the pleasure of being a part of the wedding of John Clark and Jessica Trigg at the Wild Hare in Black Mountain. It was a rainy Saturday, but that didn't get in the way of the celebration! The  couple met in Wilmington, NC and just bought a house together here in Asheville. In fact, John proposed to Jessica as they were moving into their new home together. John and Jessica are currently honeymooning in Miami, Florida! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of such a fabulous day! 
The day started at Infusion Salon in West Asheville. 
Jessica and the girls headed over to the Wild Hare, where she proceeded to get ready for the ceremony (below). 

Some typical Pre-wedding activity: Jessica is getting her make-up done while aunt (and wedding planner), Evelyn, goes over some last minute details. The dress hangs in the background (below). 

The girls cool off with the fan right before the ceremony (below). 

The bride  (above) and the groom (below) both share pre-ceremony prayers moments before the ceremony. 

A proud mother-of -the-bride, Laurin, gets escorted in by her two sons (below)
My assistant, Giedre, did a fabulous job catching this moment before Jessica walks down the aisle (below)
Jessica gets escorted by her grandfather (below). 

The vows got a bit emotional (below). 

The wedding party!

John and Jessica were very "equal opportunity" dippers! John dips Jessica (above) and Jessica returns the favor (below)

John and Jessica make their entrance into the reception (below)
At the end of their first dance, Jessica dips John again! (below). This was a wonderful moment!
The food at the Wild Hare was to die for!! 
John and Jessica mingle with guests as they finish up dinner (below).

These were some of the best cake toppers I've ever seen!! Customized bobble-heads (yes, they actually bobbled) to resemble John and Jessica (below).
These young ladies (below) anxiously await the cutting of the cake!
On the porch at the Wild Hare (below)

This group definitely knew how to party!! 
John and Jessica gave their guests homemade jams and jellies (below)
I'm including this photo (below) on the blog as a note to anyone doing a sparkler exit!! Please remind guests that it's not a good idea to light a handful of sparklers at the same time!! Was it not for the wet ground and humidity on Saturday, this could've been a really big "oops!" 
John and Jessica get a proper send off and head towards their limo where all the bridesmaids are waiting for them! :) 
A special thanks to Giedre who helped out on Saturday and always does a fantastic job! Thanks so much, G! You're the best!


Lauren Carroll said...

Sarah, I am laughing so hard at the sparkler/atomic bomb explosion photo!!!

Whitmeyer Photography said...

haha, I know, right?! It lit up the sky so much, my exposure was off by like 3 stops!!

Franchesca said...

Jessica and John your wedding seem full of many beautiful moments. I wish you many more.