Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hunt-Whaley Wedding

This was a fabulous weekend that started out with the wedding of Thomas Whaley and Heather Hunt a the Peninsula Club on Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC on Friday, June 4. Thomas and Heather (both UNC Graduates) are such a sweet couple! I had so much fun with them! They met as friends while studying in Chapel Hill and started dating after graduation. 

Heather and Thomas are that couple that just can't help but be super cute with each other. They admit to slow dancing without music, driving with no destination, and.....this is the cutest part of all....every Sunday night, without fail, Heather and Thomas read the same book to one another, "Eat Your Peas for Sweethearts." When I heard this, I couldn't stop thinking how adorable this is!! This is truly unique and I hope that they keep doing this for the rest of their marriage. 

Below are some highlights from this fantastic wedding day:

The day started out at Bella Lago Salon and Spa where Heather had her hair done. 

Below, Heather's sister Courtney and her Step-Mother, Nita, watch and chat with Heather while she gets her hair done. 

Heather rehearses her vows (below).

When Heather saw me taking the above photo, she thought it would be fun to get a shot of me in the mirror! The photo below is the result :) 

Heather and Courtney left the salon and headed over to Heather's house for make up and lunch. 

I spotted this jar on Heather's bedside table. I thought it was really poignant because there was a lot of all three of these things today. Love, well that's obvious. Luck, raindrops fell as the couple was exiting the ceremony! Talk about good timing! And Laughter, there was a lot of this too. Some of the laughter was laughter through tears, other times, it was just plain laughter!! 

After putting on her make-up, Heather meets up with her bridesmaids at the Peninsula Club (below).

Heather puts on her earrings (above) and then her dress. 

Heather's little sister, Peyton, sees her in her dress for the first time (below).

Thomas waits with his mother before escorting her down the aisle (below).

Thomas sees Heather for the first time of the day (below)

I love the expressions on the men's faces as they look at Heather in her wedding dress (above)! The groomsman on the right in the above photo is Heather's brother, Colby. His expression is priceless!

Lots of Laughter!

Thomas' uncle David married the couple on Friday. He also married Thomas' parents in 1983!

Thomas and Heather wrote their own vows. Both were heartfelt and sincere and brought many of the guests/family members to tears. I have to admit to getting a bit teary-eyed during Thomas' vows. This couple is simply crazy about each other and it's so great to watch!

I've mentioned before on my blog that the quote, "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotions," from the movie Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite quotations of all times. I really do think that laughter through tears is a great emotion and there was quite a bit of tears on Friday, and quite a bit of laughter through them! (Below). 

More laughter through tears (above and below).

More tears (above) and more laughter through them (below).

The rings (below).

Introducing for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whaley!

I love polaroid! we took the photo (below) with my old polaroid land camera

We took the golf carts down the the lake for some more photos...

The couple poses for a silly golf photo (above)

Heather's brother and sister enter the reception with style! (Below)

Heather and Thomas enter their reception and share their first dance (below).

During dinner, I noticed Thomas' hand over Heather's chair (below). I thought that this simple action was so cute and said so much. 

Heather's younger brother, Colby, sang her the sweetest song! 

Heather's father, Joe, toasts the couple. 

Maid of Honor, Heather's sister Courtney

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance (Below).

During Thomas and his mother's dance, Heather and her father shared the sweetest moment (above and below).

Let the Party Begin! Michael Catlow did a great job DJing the event. 

Heather's brother, Colby! 

Heather and Thomas share their last dance of the night. 

And get a sparkler send-off! (below)

Thanks so much to Thomas and Heather and their friends/family for allowing me to be a part of their special day. The couple is currently on their honeymoon, a 12-night cruise throughout Europe! 

Another special thanks to my fabulous assistant, G! (below) G is getting ready to spend a couple months in Lithuania, where her family is from! What an experience!

Below is my favorite of G's photos from the day

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