Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pearson-Smith Wedding

This past Saturday, I was honored to be a part of the wedding of Joanna Pearson and Matthew Smith in the town of Shelby, NC. Joanna and Matthew seemed to have a truly deep and heartfelt connection and were SO cute together. 

I met Joanna almost two years ago when she was a guest at another wedding I did in the town of Shelby, NC. Even then, I remember thinking that Joanna was one of the coolest and nicest people that I've ever met! 

This wedding was my third wedding in the town of Shelby, NC. Shelby, to me, is a place that makes small town living look really good. Everyone you meet in Shelby is friendly and kind and will go out of their way to introduce themselves to you. This has been my experience since I first visited the town in 2007. 

The wedding day started out at Salon Palazzo, where Annie Roost did Joanna's hair (below).

The "Guardian Angel of Good Hair" rests on Annie's mirror (below)

Joanna and her sister (and maid of honor), Adrienne, were so cute getting their hair and make-up done. I could tell that these girls, despite being drop dead gorgeous, were not used to wearing make-up (more cute photos below!)

Reading about the New York City Housewives! (above)

Adrienne looks at herself with make-up on (below). Again, these girls were  ADORABLE while getting their make-up done. There were lots of giggles!!

The flower girls practice dancing for the reception!

So what do we do with the veil? 

Joanna's mother, Judy, to the rescue! (below)

I LOVED the reaction of all Joanna's bridesmaids when they saw her in her wedding dress (above and below). Everyone had to get a picture!! 

Meanwhile, the groomsmen were upstairs getting ready. 

Matthew gets his tie just right (Below).

Appropriately, left on the chalkboard in the church was a diagram of what love is (above). Joanna's brother adds his own footnotes (below).

It was really hot on Saturday (above) and everyone was keeping cool despite the summer heat. 

Mother of the Groom, Kathryn (below).

Joanna's brother lights the candles in the church (above).

Holly of Holly's Flowers did a fantastic job with the flowers!

Guests begin to come in!

Joanna gets fanned right before going down the aisle (below).

I really enjoyed shooting at Shelby Presbyterian Church

We did it!!! 

In the vineyards at the Owl's Eye Vineyard and Winery

Is this a sweet couple or what?!?

I loved seeing the barrels of wine (above) with the colors of the wine bleeding through the wood. 

The grapes on the vines on Saturday were young and growing. I thought it very relevant because Matthew and Joanna's love is young and maturing like the grapes with the love of those who care for them (and there were definitely lots of loved ones there Saturday). 

The DJ played vinyl at the reception! I thought this was so incredibly cool. In the 5+ years I've been photographing weddings, I have never before seen a DJ use vinyl. Below, "Lovely Day" spins! 

Matthew and Joanna enter their reception (above) and share their first dance (below).

Joanna and Matthew asked their guests to join them in their first dance about halfway through. There was lots of love around. 

These guys were having SO much fun!! 

Joanna and Matthew, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day and I hope that your marriage provides you with a lifetime of happiness. 

Another special thanks to my fabulous assistant, Brittany! (below). Brittany was working extra hard on Saturday and did a fantastic job as always! 

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