Monday, March 22, 2010

Portraits: Amber Van Parys

It was a fabulous day this past Saturday March 20th (the first official day of Spring, I might add) and I spent the afternoon with Amber and her mom (my good friend and fellow photographer), Sandy Rochelle. Amber is a high school senior in Nashville, TN and is a talented vocalist. In fact, Amber has a couple colleges offering competing scholarship opportunities for her to attend their musical theatre programs.

Amber is a beautiful young lady (of course, you can see that for yourself) and a lot of fun to be around! I had so much fun with her hanging out in downtown Asheville and taking photos! Here are some highlights from Saturday's shoot below:

I love all the graffiti in downtown Asheville!

For the photo below, this nice passerby offered up his perfectly-colored green sunglasses (who we found out originally belonged to his musician grandfather) for a few shots! I love it when things like this happen!

In front of La Bouchon Restaurant on Lexington Ave. in Asheville!

We then headed over to the train tracks for some more photos. A train came by while we were taking photos (above) which I thought was pretty cool!

Amber shows us her true personality (above) !!

We ended the day with a few headshot photos for this budding artist (below).
Thanks so much for being such a good model, Amber and thanks to Sandy for coming all the way from Nashville, TN to take some photos and visit with me!


205 said...

Sarah is great working with girls this age. She always seems to amaze me with her natural talent.

Giedre said...

Lol, okay - how random is this, Sarah? I have someone who wants photos near graffiti in downtown A-ville, so I decide to google "asheville graffiti" just to see if I can find any new graffiti spots that I didn't know about. And low 'n behold, the first (very awesome) photo I come to is YOURS. :D loveloveLOVE this photo shoot, btw. Where is that da vinci graffit??? Tis AWESOME.