Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome, Kate Monroe!

I'm happy to introduce you to Whitmeyer Photography's newest associate photographer, Kate Monroe. Kate's relationship with Whitmeyer Photography began as a client/bride when Sarah photographed her wedding to Nate Monroe in November of 2008. Kate began shooting weddings with Whitmeyer Photography in the Spring of 2009 and has done a fantastic job.

Below, Kate as a Bride! Kate humored me and let me photograph her at the beach in her wedding dress this past summer for a incredibly fun Trash the Dress Session! View more photos from this shoot here.

Kate's photography reflects an incredible attention to detail and a fine arts sensibility that makes her a great addition to Whitmeyer Photography. Kate keeps an up-to-date blog on her website, so check out more of Kate's work there.

Kate is currently an Associate Team Photographer with
Whitmeyer Photography which means that she is available for portraits or smaller weddings as the primary photographer or as a second photographer (working with Sarah or Associate, Lauren Carroll) for larger weddings. For more information about booking Kate, contact Whitmeyer Photography.

Below are some of Kate's Wedding Porfolio Highlights. Kate's entire wedding portfolio can be found on Whitmeyer Photography's website under the "gallery" link and the listing "Kate Monroe". You can also view more of Kate's work on her own website.

These Photographs showcase Kate's fine attention to details. She's so fabulous about making sure that every little detail of your wedding is covered from the flowers, decorations, programs, and more.

Above and Below are some of Kate's photographs from the Rohde-Barker wedding that took place this past fall. This wedding was shot by Associate Photographer, Lauren Carroll with Kate as a second photographer.

Kate is also available for Engagement and Bridal Portrait sessions. Kate gets creative with an engagement portrait session (above).

These photos are from Kate's very first shoot with Whitmeyer Photography at the Lowes-Fotos wedding in the Spring of 2009. It takes real talent to get this kind of fabulous imagery from your first attempt at wedding photography!

More images from the Lowes-Fotos wedding!

Below, Kate the bride! From her wedding in Nov. 2008

From Kate's 2009 Trash the Dress session, above.

Some other blog listings for 2009 weddings that Kate worked on:


Kate Monroe said...

Thanks, Sarah! I'm excited to get to work with you and Lauren again... we're going to have an awesome year!

Whitmeyer Photography said...

I totally agree, Kate! I think this is going to be a really great year! :)

Neeli said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats to both of you (this is a totally win-win situation for everyone)

Judy said...

Amazing photography and it sounds like a great team! Joining as a new follower from WW.