Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cynthia and Nate Get Hitched!

I woke up this morning and headed over to the Asheville Courthouse to document a great friend's wedding to a great guy. Not a bad way to start a day.

Cynthia and Nate were married this Thursday morning, April 8, under the walnut tree in front of the downtown Asheville Courthouse. Normally, courthouse weddings are held indoors, but Cynthia and Nate requested that they tie the knot outdoors (on this gorgeous day, I might add) and the magistrate was more than happy to comply.

The couple was joined by many friends and family, some of whom traveled from pretty far (as far as Miami) to witness these simple and pure vows.

Below are some highlights from this morning's ceremony:

This moment below was so pure and real and sweet! Nate and Cynthia right after the magistrate announces that they are married and Cynthia gives Nate a big hug (below).
Cynthia's tosses her bouquet to her brother, Robert (below).

The couple makes it official with a license!

I joined everyone at Tupelo Honey Cafe for a celebratory brunch!
Off to Honeymoon on the beach in South Carolina! (below).
My boyfriend, Grant, snapped the photo below of Cynthia and I hugging after the ceremony (with a few cameras in the way!!). Did I mention that Cynthia has been a great friend of mine for a long time, going back to when we were kids! I love her and am so glad that she's found someone like Nate to spend her life with! Their wedding had an abundance the love and intimacy that every wedding should have, simple and pure. Congratulations Nate and Cynthia!!!


Christina said...

I love when weddings are TRULY about the couple. Great photos shows the love between the couple and the family.

Anonymous said...

Beauytiful photos. Beautiful bride. Beautiful couple! I am so happy for you Cynthia and Nate. Love you lots. Thanks Sarah for documenting.
Marion Hindman

S Brothers said...

Wonderful pictures of such a special time!!! I have known Cynthia since she was born and don't think I have ever seen her look happier or more beautiful. Hope you are in Raleigh soon. Would love to congratulate you in person.