Monday, April 5, 2010

A Day with Wes LaPlante, Age "Big"

This past Friday, April 2, I spent the day with my nephew, Wes, in Raleigh, NC. Wes will be two years old this May, but when you ask him how old he is, he replies, "BIG!".

Here's a few photos from Wes' day with his Aunt "Sadie" (Sadie is what my family calls me!):

Playing ball in the yard (above) and feeding apples to the horses that live next door with his Daddy (below).

Wes likes to be a helper (since he's so big!) and wants to help daddy sweep the garage (above). Then, Wes decides he wants to do some sweeping with the big broom all by himself (below). What a big boy! :)

Wes with his red car (above) and stealing daddy's hat (below).

At the park with Daddy (above and below). We went to Falls Lake Park in Raleigh and Wes had a lot of fun "washing" the sticks and rocks in the water (below).
Wes playing with on the playground (below)

After a busy morning at the park, Wes is worn out!! He eats lunch and watches the "fishes" via an aquarium app on my iphone! (below)

Wes helps make pizza for dinner (above and below). His philosophy was, "a little bit on the pizza, a lot in my mouth!"
Wes likes to clean up after himself and use the dust buster to clean up the mess he made on the floor (below). (PS-He really likes doing child labor is being enforced!!!)
Mommy (my sister, Maggie) reads Wes a bedtime story. The next day, the whole family is off to the beach for vacation! Wes was excited all day about his "big shovel" and going to the beach! He kept saying, "big shovel. beach. big shovel. beach." :)

~Night, Night, Wes~

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