Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sadler-Eidell Wedding

 This Sunday, April 25, I spent the day at the Point on Lake Norman with Angella Sadler and Mike Eidell and their friends and family. Angella and Mike were such a fabulous couple to work with! They are both fun and easy-going and very obviously in love with each other! Overall, this was a incredible wedding filled with positive energy, love, and excitement! 

Angella and Mike met while in college in New Jersey six years ago when the two were both members of the crew team.  Mike won Angella over with a lot of trips to Dairy Queen and the two began dating a couple of months later! The couple has been through several re-locations that eventually led them to Charlotte, NC where they currently live. 

Mike proposed to Angella while on vacation in Napa Valley, CA last fall. They love to drink wine together, watch movies, run, and hang out on Sunday Mornings with nothing at all do to! 

Angella and Mike are currently honeymooning in Barbados! Congrats to you both and thanks so much for letting me be a part of your important day! 
 The day started with hair and make up with the ladies! There was a lot of excitement from the very beginning of the day. The girls were having lots of fun, laughing with each other and they made me feel comfortable and like one of the gang immediately. 

 Mike was all smiles while he was getting ready!
 We staged a first look for the couple where they saw each other for the first time! 
 Mike sees Angella in her wedding dress for the first time! (below)

 This was one of my favorite moments of the day (below) when Mike sneezed and blew a few petals off of his boutonniere! Immediately, all tensions were relaxed as we all shared a laugh together! 

 Mike and Angella are such a cute couple! 
 The ceremony begins (below) with the procession. 

 Angelal's sister, Jessica, maid of honor (above) and Angella and her father, Jack (below). 

 Two very proud sisters (above Jessica, sister of the bride, and below, Diana, sister of the groom). 

 Adorable flower girl, Erin (above).

Reverend Dr. Patrick Maloy did a great job with the service. 
 The first kiss (below)!

 Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Eidell!! 

 Angella's grandmother gives her congratulations (above)

Angella and flower girl, Gabi (below).
 The wedding party! (below)

 The beautiful bride (above)
 The flowers were all in bloom and gorgeous at the Point on Sunday! 

 Below, Angella and Mike opt for a private kiss! I thought this was really cute! All of their friends and family were there taking photos of them and Angella lifted up her flowers to hide their kiss! 

 Everything at The Point was beautiful! Kelly, the wedding coordinator, did a fantastic job! 

Below, I really loved Angella and Mike's cake topper! 

 I've included a lot of photos from Angella and Mike's first dance because it was really spectacular! The couple took lessons before their wedding so that their first dance was absolute perfection! Check out some of the photos below! 

 The dance ended with a dip (above) and a smile (below) :) 

 Guests introduce themselves (above) and sit down for dinner. 

Below, flower girl Erin flirts a little bit with Mike! 

 Best Man, Stephen, did a great toast where he admitted being a little bit jealous of Angella getting to spend so much time with Mike. 

 The cake! Check out the expression on Flower girl, Gabi's, face (below)! How halarious! 
 Angella reaches for a napkin to wipe the cake off her nose (below)

 Parent Dances

 Dana from Z Brothers DJ services did a fantastic job keeping the party going! 

 Parents of the Groom (above) join the party!

 Get Low, Get Low, Get Low! 

 Everyone dances to the last song of the night, "I've had the time of my life" 

 Guests line up and wave farewell to Mike and Angella! 

Angella waves farewell to her friends and family and heads off to Barbados! I thought this photo was great because it really reminded me of the couple's cake toppers! 

Angella and Mike, I hope you guys have a fabulous life together! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding! 

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