Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cindy and Keith at the Biltmore

It was a beautiful summer day on Thursday, July 1st for the wedding of Cindy Fung Poon and Keith Bentley. When I looked at the weather reports Thursday morning, they stated that there was a 0% chance of rain and temperatures were in the 70s for most of the day! The perfect day for an outdoor wedding. 

Cindy and Keith met at school in Gainesville, Florida when Keith confronted Cindy in the computer lab.  "She tried her best to ignore me, but fortunately it didn't work," Keith admits on their wedding website.  The couple are both working as engineers for GE in Wilmington, NC, so they get to spend lots of time together at work and at home! Keith proposed to Cindy on the beach in Okracoke, NC. 

Cindy and Keith had two wedding ceremonies: A traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and a Traditional Western Wedding Ceremony. Both went off without a hitch and the couple received much love and good wishes from all of their friends and family that traveled from all over to be there to support them on Thursday. 

The day started off Thursday morning with make up at Make Up at the Grove Arcade with make up artist E. Scott Thompson

After getting her make up done, Cindy headed over to Adorn Salon to get her hair done. 

Cindy gets her dress and veil on at the Biltmore Inn.

We staged a "First Look" where Keith saw his beautiful bride for the first time of the day! 

We then headed up to the Biltmore House for some photos. 

Keith and Cindy are so cute together! 

Blossoms at Biltmore Park created the fabulous bouquets. 

After photos, we headed back to Biltmore Inn for Cindy and Keith's Tea Ceremony

During the tea ceremony, Cindy and Keith serve tea to their family members as a sign of respect and the family returns the favor by giving the newlyweds gifts. 

After the tea ceremony, guests headed over the the Deerpark at Biltmore for Cindy and Keith's wedding ceremony. 

Look at this reaction from Cindy's family as she walks down the aisle!! (below).

The always fabulous Darr Conradson of Mountain Vows conducted the ceremony. 

I love the way Cindy was looking at Keith!

Cindy's sister, Winnie, toasts the couple (above). 

This was perhaps the BEST first dance I've ever seen! Cindy and Keith did an argentinian tango and it was FANTASTIC!!! 

Parent Dances (above and below).

Pat Lance of Spintastic Sounds was fantastic and kept the party going all night!

The last dance of the night (above and below).

There were some really sweet and heartfelt goodbyes at the end of the night (below). 

Cindy and Keith, Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your spectacular wedding day. I hope that your marriage is full of love and happiness and that I've provided you with memories to last you forever! 

Another special thanks to my cousin, Audrey (below), who came from Chapel Hill (where she's currently studying photojournalism and in summer school) to assist me for Cindy and Keith's big day. Thanks Audrey! 


emily barefoot said...

oh my word! STUNNING pictures Sarah!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

This couple is so cool! I want to be friends with them. (but I do so have a soft spot for Argentinean tango music)
Gorgeous day, beautiful couple and fantastic photos!!!

Whitmeyer Photography said...

Thanks Emily!! And yes, Cindy and Keith are a really cool couple and I was blown away by the tango! (and so were their friends and family, as you can see in some of the reactions in the photos!

Kate Monroe said...

So gorgeous! I think this is my favorite wedding from you ever! Awesome job, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding photograhy! Thanks for capturing such a great day for Cindy and Keith.

Aunt Wendy