Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dave and Janelle at Langley AFB

This past Saturday, I traveled all the way to Hampton, Virginia on the Langley Air Force Base for the wedding of Captain Dave "Ghost" Deptula and Janelle Kolva. 

It was a record-setting hot day in Virginia on Saturday (July 24) and a perfect day for an indoor wedding! 

Below are some highlights from a spectacular day: 

Dave is a pilot in the Air Force and Janelle is a nurse. I noticed this (above) on Janelle's refrigerator. 

Dave gets ready for his wedding (above, with the help of his mom). 

Meanwhile, Janelle gets ready at the Langley AFB Chapel (below).

Janelle and Dave did something a little different and greeted their guests together as they entered the chapel (below). 

Janelle and Dave give each other a grin before walking down the aisle together (below). 

Janelle was a very animated bride (below) ! 

The wind takes the veil away! (above)

Dave really mastered the "Dip and Kiss"!! 

Janelle is such a natural beauty! It was so much fun to photograph her because she was always smiling and laughing! 

My favorite thing: Polaroids! I gave Janelle and Dave their first official wedding photographs (below)

Things got a little messy (below) ! 

It was a sweet mother/son dance! Mother of the Groom, Dianna, sheds a little tear (below). 

Business in the front. Party in the back. (below)

I shot this one through the window (below).

Dave gets congratulated by his grandfather (below).

The Langley AFB Officer's Club sat right on the water (below). It was really gorgeous. 

Michael Cote served as the DJ for the event and did a great job. 

Dave and Janelle sneak a kiss on the dance floor (below).

Towards the end of the night, things got a little crazy! :) 

More Dips! 

I think I already mentioned that it was incredibly hot on Saturday!! Below, Janelle cools off with a personal fan and some water while her bridesmaids help with her dress! 

Janelle and her sister, Stefanie (below)

"You better take care of her" -Nancy, mother of the bride (below)

A bubble exit!

Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day! 

Another big thanks to Kari Velandria who served as my assistant for the day, braving the heat and getting some great photos! Thanks Kari (below)

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