Thursday, May 28, 2009

Katie Monroe Trashes The Dress!!!!

This was absolutely the most fun I've had with a photo shoot YET! Early morning on Memorial Day, Katie Monroe and I headed out to Wrightsville Beach to get down and dirty for my first ever Trash the Dress session!! I've been hearing about Trash the Dress photography for a while now and have been antsy to give it a try for myself! Luckily Katie was ready and willing to go swimming in her wedding dress and be my trash the dress guinea pig!

Katie married Nate Monroe this past November (and Whitmeyer Photography was there to capture it) and Katie has more recently been doing some shooting with me. She helped me photograph the wedding of Cassie Olano and Robbie Kelley the day before this fabulous photo session! Here are some highlights from Whitmeyer Photography's innaugural Trash the Dress Session.

Even though we went out early in the morning, it was still Memorial Day so needless to say Katie and I got some pretty funny looks from the holiday beachcombers!! (see above!)

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Robert F. Crocker said...

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