Thursday, May 28, 2009

Olano-Kelley Wedding

Every once in a while, I get the unique honor of photographing the wedding of friends of mine. Nothing makes me happier than being a part of such an important day for good friends! This was the case on Sunday (May 24) when I photographed the wedding of my friend from college, Cassie, and her husband Robbie Kelley. Cassie looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

This was the second wedding during Memorial Day weekend for me and I traveled down to Wilmington, NC to be a part of this one. The ceremony took place at the New Hanover City Arboretum and the reception followed at the Coastline Convention Center. Cassie had her hair and make up done at the Head to Toe Day Spa, where she currently works as a massage therapist.

The guests were all very thankful that Cassie and Robbie provided them with fans during the ceremony!! That sun was BLAZING hot!

Cassie and Robbie decided to show their unity by releasing butterflies during the ceremony!

One of the butterflies from the ceremony attached itself to Cassie's bouquet and would not leave!

Notice the butterfly is still hanging out in the photo below!

The reception was a blast and there was lots of good Cajun food and dancing! Music was provided by The West Street Band and also by Robbie's own band The Migrant Workers!

Like most guitar players, Robbie found it a little odd playing his guitar for the first time with a wedding band on his finger!!
But ROCKED OUT none the less!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! We all know what the butterfly represents :)Hope the honeymoon was terrific!!! We love you! Lothar & Denise

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful, lucky guy;;; We all had a wonderful time. Les Lezzes Bon Temps Rolle'. Can't wait to see rest of pic's and video.

Love, Dad & Girls

Anonymous said...

Love the Pics. We had a wonderful time; I know Olivia did!!!!

Congrats again

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I think that butterfly was Terri. What a beautiful set of pics, and waht a beautiful bride (and couple). I wish them a lifetime of happiness.