Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moore-Hynson Wedding

Yesterday, I had the honor of being a part of the wedding of Janie Moore and Warren Hynson at the High Hampton Inn in Cashiers, NC. What an absolutely beautiful day we had! And the views were fantastic! The ceremony site overlooked Rock Mountain and Hampton Lake and the clouds looked like they were painted on the sky (see photos!!). 

Janie and Warren have been dating since their senior years of high school where they met in Raleigh, NC. Warren proposed at Janie's favorite park (also a personal favorite of mine!), Pullen Park in Raleigh in May of last year, asking her if she would be "friends forever" with him. Janie recently graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and Warren from NCSU and the couple plan to live in Chapel Hill together following their honeymoon (the location of which Warren was able to keep a surprise from Janie!). The two hope to join the Peace Corps in Southeast Asia next summer. 
The day started out with a Brunch on the front lawn of the High Hampton Inn where the bride's cousins serenaded the groom and guests!
Janie's mother and sisters help her with the dress
Warren gets pinned! 
The mother of the bride (pink) and mother of the groom (blue) watch as guests take their seats
The Bride, right before the ceremony
The setting here at the High Hampton Inn was AMAZING! a photographer's dream!

Greeters greet and escort guests to their seats (look at that line of people!)

The wedding party gets ready to go down the aisle

Flower Girl Helen paves the way for Janie and her father!

What a happy couple! You can't fake those smiles!
Check out the view of Rock Mountain from the High Hampton Inn!! This image has not been altered!! No tricks here! (just a wide-angle lens to capture it all!)
The couples VERY first public display of affection! 
Everyone gushes over the ring post-ceremony!

Janie's three sisters served as her bridesmaids 

Check out those Tom's Shoes!! 

Janie and Warren practice for their first dance before entering the reception! 

The Couple enters the reception and the party begins!

Janie Dances with her father, Jody Moore. 
The flower girl, Helen! 
Janie's uncle sits in on banjo with the Cashiers Music Company!
Everybody watches as Janie and Warren cut their cake! Notice how the expression on Janie's face mirrors that of her grandmother (to the right of the cake, in purple)!! 
Janies friends (including the one who introduced she and Warren, in black) had a great time dancing to the sounds of the Cashiers Music Company

The bouquet!!

The couple make their grand exit!

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