Sunday, June 21, 2009

Page-Rogers Wedding

Yesterday (June 20), I had the unique honor of being a part of the wedding of my cousin, Philip Rogers, to his beautiful new bride, Rebekah Page. The wedding took place at the First Baptist Church of Greensboro, NC with the reception at The Cardinal Country Club. It was a HOT summer day, but a beautiful one! Today being father's day, I'd like to make a special note of the two very happy fathers of the day yesterday: Mr. David Page, Father of the Bride and Dr. Greg Rogers, Father of the Groom. Greg played three roles yesterday: Best man, Father of the Groom and Minister! 

Philip and Rebekah have been dating exactly three years, yesterday. They met at church and were introduced by Philip's mother, Leslie. They were friends for about 2 years before starting to date. The night before Rebekah's 23rd birthday, Philip took her out to dinner in Tarboro and then suprised her with champaigne and ballons at his new house. Rebekah was unware of the awaiting proposal, thinking that all the gifts were simply for her birthday. After he proposed, Philip took Rebekah to his parent's house where her parents, friends and family were all there to share the moment with them (and to celebrate a birthday!). Rebekah would like to point out that ECU beat VT the following day at home, which just put the icing on the cake!! (You should be able to tell by the photos below that these guys are big ECU fans). Rebekah is an alumni of ECU and Philip currently works there with Chancellor Steve Ballard (also seen in a photo from yesterday, congratulating the happy couple). Philip graduated from WFU for his undergraduate degree and UNC-CH for graduate school before accepting the position at ECU. 

Rebekah and Philip are currently honeymooning in St. Lucia. Congrats to you both and thanks for letting me be a part of the festivities! Below are some highlights from yesterday!
Philip spent quite a bit of time making his tie just right! Brother-in-law Jonathan Beam (right) works beside Philip!

After working on his own tie, Philip then had to make sure that his father's was also just right! 

Rebekah gets ready with the help of her mother and bridesmaids. Check out that ECU loyalty!

It was really hot yesterday in Greensboro!! This fan helped keep the bride's room cool. 

It was also pretty windy yesterday and the wind took Rebekah's veil for a few rides.
The lovely Bride: Rebekah Page
The Bride and her bridesmaids: the two women to the left and right of Rebekah are Lauren (left), new sister-in-law, and Laura (right), sister. 
The Groom and his merry men! 
BELOW IS MY FAVORITE FATHER'S DAY PHOTO!!! I want to first just state that this moment was absolutely NOT posed!! I walked into the room where Philip and his groomsmen had been getting ready to find our ringbearer, Ethan and his father both reading the paper!! Like Father, Like Son :) If you look closely, you'll see that Ethan is reading the comic section! I was told he's a future lawyer: I certainly believe it. 

Annie Staunton and Holland Page greet guests and hand out programs.

After reading up on the comics with his dad, Ethan is ready to walk the rings down the aisle!
Flower Girl, Hannah Page, paves the aisle with red roses for Rebekah.

Rebekah is escorted by her father, David Page. This must have been a very proud father's day for David! Below, he gives his daughter a kiss before taking his seat. 

It was a packed house at First Baptist Church of Greensboro!

Philip and Rebekah make their way down the aisle as husband and wife. 

Following the ceremony, Rebekah inspects Philips ring!
Then, the two head back upstairs via the elevator for some photos. 

Yup! That's a permanent piece of jewelry, Philip :) 
Philip takes a moment to call his grandfather who couldn't make it to the ceremony to let him know that the deed had been done! 

The happy couple: Philip and Rebekah

Philip and Rebekah enter the Limo and head to the reception. 

There was a mis-hap with the music for their first dance, but don't worry!, Lauren Rogers picks up the slack and sings their first dance song for them! 

Philip dances with his mother Leslie (above) and Rebekah with her father, David (below). 

Rebekah and Philip are congratulated by Chancellor Steve Ballard of ECU. 

Philip's friend, Andrew Cash, caught the garter! Andrew and I actually were classmates at Hunter Elementary School together! This world is small!! 

Hannah catches the bouquet! 

This is the face that Hannah made after her mom told her that catching the bouquet means that she's next in line to get married!! 

Philip and Rebekah make their grand escape and head off for St. Lucia!

But first, a few hugs are in order!

A special thanks to my cousin Audrey who came to assist me for this wedding after spending a week in Kentucky on a mission trip. Below is her favorite photo from the day! (Ethan was quite the star!!) as well as a couple photos of her adventures from the week before! Glad to see that camera in your hands!!  Thanks Audrey!

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