Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Parsons-Groat Wedding

It was a truly "fairy tale" day yesterday at the Biltmore Estate! I was able to spend the day with Marion Parsons and Shaun Groat and their friends/family who traveled to Asheville, NC to witness this couple make the ultimate commitment. Mike from South Carolina Ceremonies was the officiant for the day and the gorgeous flowers were provided by Stacy from The Bloom Room. Below are some highlights of the day. 

Marion starts the day with hair and make up

The room was a little crowded with all the girls getting ready. I love this photo (above) of one of the bridesmaids huddled in the corner amidst all sorts of luggage, snacks and beauty supplies painting her toenails!

Shaun gets ready, putting on his suspenders. 

Marion's sister helps her put on the dress. Resting beside one of the mirrors are the roses that were given to Marion by Shaun earlier in the day. 

It poured down rain for about an hour and cleared up about 30 minutes before the ceremony was schedule to begin. Whew! 

Marion was a trouper trampling through the puddles! 

Marion peeks out from the stables moments before walking down the aisle (above). 

Two of Marion's bridesmaids were pregnant. We decided to take advantage of some nice light and take a few photos of the bellies!

Marion heads off to get hitched!

Because of the rain (high heels would sink in the wet ground), the bridesmaids decided to walk down the aisle in bare feet!

Marion gets escorted by her brother, John. 

Marion's sister reads an excerpt from The Velveteen Rabbit that causes everyone to get a little teary-eyed. 

Marion and Shaun bind their hands together (a Celtic Marriage Ritual) to symbolize their connectivity.

There were many smiles and hugs and congratulations post-ceremony!
Shaun and his groomsmen (above)

The Wedding Party

Marion and her sister (above)

I love the way this photo turned out!! (above)

The light was a beautiful shade of orange as the sun was setting. 

This was the part of the day that was so surreal for me. We were literally the only people left on the estate and walked around enjoying the sunset and taking pictures! 

While we were taking photos, I spotted these two little love birds perched on the balcony! 

The rain earlier made this photo (above) possible. 

Marion and Shaun get in "Scarlet" and head to the reception at the Lioncrest. 

All the flowers for the event were beautifully done by Stacy from The Bloom Room. These plants (above) are pitcher plants and are carnivorous! 

Shaun gives Marion a kiss right before the couple makes their grand entrance!

Bells were at each of the tables so the guests could make the newlyweds kiss on cue--they did not hesitate to use them :) 

Champagne was given out and toasts were given!

Marion and Shaun's first dance

Marion dances with her brother, John. 

At the end of Shaun and his mother's dance, the two invite Marion to join in. It was a sweet moment. 

And the party begins!

Marion does a little ballet! 

The couple share the last dance of the night together (above).

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Laura Groat said...

These are the most beautiful wedding pictures that we have ever seen. The love in your hearts was definitely captured in these pictures. We couldn’t be happier for the both of you. Love Dad & Laura